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Launch Day - July 28, 2014

Vanessa Hermanson


This line has been a vision of mine for a LONG TIME!!!! Since June 21st 2013 to be exact, such a random date but I remember it well because I was stuck in traffic going to meet up with my husband for the weekend because he was getting out of his Fire Academy and we were escaping to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. For whatever reason I was having one of those days where I was reflecting on things that had happened in my life that forced me to take charge or do things I didn't want to do and how crazy it is that I am where I am today, that if I hadn't had the strength that I needed at a certain time in my life how different things would have been. It got me thinking about how many women there are out there that have amazing stories of overcoming something big or small in their lives, something that made them into the person that they are today. We all have a defining moment or a situation in our lives that shaped us, a memory of a person that we once were that we will no longer be, a weak moment whether by choice or by the universe just dealing us a bad hand! We have all felt at one point or another that life couldn't get any worse than it was at that moment and guess what? We were WRONG!!! So what changed it? YOU DID! You decided that you were no longer going to let your situation bring you down no matter how big or how small but you were going to do something about it! Everyone is struggling a different battle from day to day, the things I have been through others will not go through and vice versa, I wanted to create a line that women could proudly wear to show themselves and others that they are INDESTRUCTIBLE and in addition to that, I wanted this line to give women a forum to share there story with everyone to help uplift and motivate one another and even get things off their chest that maybe they have never spoken of before because it was to hard! Women are Indestructible and we don't give each other enough credit for that!!! YOU ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE!! Be proud of that! 

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