Love - Cancer Awareness Tank - Ruffles with Love - LOVE Symbol Tank


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Love - Cancer Awareness Tank - Ruffles with Love

This tank comes in black or white. Put the color ribbon you would like in the notes box. Below are a list of the colors and what they represent.


All Cancers - Lavender

Brain Cancer - Gray

Breast Cancer - Pink

Cervical cancer - Teal

Childhood Cancer- Gold

Colon Cancer- Dark Blue

Gallbladder Cancer  - Green

Hodgkins Lymphoma - Violet

Leukemia- Orange

Liver Cancer- Green

Lung Cancer - White

Lymphoma - Lime Green

Melanoma - Black

Ovarian - Teal

Pancreatic Cancer - Purple

Prostate Cancer - Light blue

Stomach Cancer - Periwinkle


** 20% of the sale of any of cancer awareness shirts will be donated to American Institute for Cancer Research** 


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